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THE STORM WITHIN to be released next June 16, 2023

Finally, this is it: "THE STORM WITHIN", Prophecy Productions, to be released next June 16, 2023. Produced by Flemming Rasmussen @ Sweet Silence Studios (DK) and Indee Rehal-Sagoo @ Cymatic Studios (UK). Artwork by Mirko Stanchev - Illogical Conversions. Information, pre-sale and details:

This new work is bring about a great sense of atmosphere coupled with a new intensity for the band; a powerful approach to the band’s signature sound along with a heavier performance inspired by the amalgam of our personal experiences, emotions and feelings, where the signature lines and melodies are present. This is a strong solid statement, bringing a new beginning and where old meets new, guiding the listener through our journey, our struggles, our battles and the desire to keep the flame alive, and transferring the desire of facing our demons, the deepest of longing, and the haunting isolation one can feel as if you were cast adrift in the middle of a true storm and entering the unknown. The essence of this work is capturing our own inner storm, our tough struggles and our emotional battles as we keep on fighting and writing new chapters in our story, closing the circle on previous phases as well. A gathering of epic passages and solemn tones sounding like the strikes from the hammer of doom. The beauty found in the darkness and sorrow conveyed through soaring melodies, haunting atmospheres and dark poetry to move the soul through all emotional states from the great darkest anguish to the great hope.

This first single "THE CALLING", deals with the weight of the past; even when there’re sparks inside us that drive us forward, feels heavy on our shoulders. It’s this burden that fuels our present to turn it into poetry for the brave. An ‘inner-awakening’ is needed for a proper horizon, but always shadowed by our own blood, contaminated by difficult times and forgotten shores. This anthem let us know the story of those turning sacrifice into strength, into a change of perspective to move on, calling to those who yearn for a change. A perfect single for all new storms to come.



Saturnus have signed a multi-album deal with Prophecy Productions.

Saturnus have signed a multi-album deal with Prophecy Productions. The Danish death doom veterans will return in 2022 to release their first full-length after their fourth album "Saturn in Ascension" came out in 2012. This collaboration will also see the band's third full-length "Veronika Decides to Die" to be officially released on vinyl for the first time and as an artbook CD at a later stage.

For now, "Veronika Decides to Die" is available digitally here:


Stronger and more united….

We would like you to welcome the two new permanent guitarists in Saturnus.

Lead guitar: Indee Rehal-Sagoo (UK)


Rhythm guitar: Julio Fernandez (E)




Statement 2.0

Statement 2.0
I think Thomas, Brian and my self need to clear up matters regarding the departure of Rune.
Rune has fallen very sick in the last two weeks and when we rehearsed with him on Tuesday (29th of October) he told us that he would pull out of Saturnus since he couldn’t fulfil his obligations as composer/songwriter and take care of his family at the same time.
The day after (Wednesday) I received a text where he cancelled all upcoming shows.
This is why Saturnus had to cancel all shows.
Thomas, Brian and my self were very sad to read this since we were hoping he could do the last 3 planned shows. This was sadly not the case and for this we apologise sincerely to our fans all over the world who was looking forward to the shows.
We hope Rune will get better in the coming months.
- Thomas, Brian and Henrik


Official Statement

It’s with a heavy heart that we have to cancel our upcoming shows. Two shows this coming weekend in Copenhagen, Istanbul next weekend, and last but not least our show at the Hunting Castle Festival in February.

In Saturnus we are not known for our fast tempo of making records. We have a very defined role within the band in terms of who does what. It is no secret that Rune is the man when it comes to writing the songs and making the compositions for Saturnus. But now the gap is coming to 8 years between our latest album and the upcoming album and we are still far from finishing it.

Therefore the decision has been taken, and Rune will no longer be part of Saturnus. Rune doesn’t have the time to fulfill his agreement to the band that he was original hired for back in 2008.

Furthermore Martin told us a couple of months ago that he would be leaving Saturnus at the end of the year, and this we were also prepared for.

We wish Martin all the best in the future, and we thank him for his help and his very professional attitude on and off stage.

So once again we have to find new members.

More to come….

Saturnus – Brian, Thomas and Henrik


International booking

We are very honored to have made a cooperation with The Flaming Arts Agency regarding all bookings worldwide.


Full crew….

We are now a complete band again and can make our way towards a new album.

 More news will come through the next couple of months...


Finally New rhythm guitarist.

We are very pleased to announce Martin Steene as the new rhythm guitarist in Saturnus.

Martin helped us out on the busy tour schedule from October through December.



New endorsement for Henrik Odgaard Glass

We are very pleased to announce that our drummer, Henrik Odgaard Glass, have made an endorsement deal with Artbeat drumsticks \m/


Saturnus søger rytme guitarist.

Saturnus søger rytme guitarist.
Vi er et københavnsk Doom/Death band der søger en guitarist der er bosiddende på Sjælland og kan øve 2 gange om ugen (tirsdag og torsdag).
Du vil som guitarist i Saturnus indtræde i et veletableret band som er meget aktive på live fronten i form af længere tourneer og weekend shows spredt ud over året.
Kan du bidrage kreativt ville det være et plus dog er det ikke et krav. 
Du skal have eget gear som har niveau til at tage med ud og spille samt live erfaring.
Vi har øvelokale i Sydhavnen.

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Telefon: 28453700