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Released June 16, 2023

This new work is bring about a great sense of atmosphere coupled with a new intensity for the band; a powerful approach to the band’s signature sound along with a heavier performance inspired by the amalgam of our personal experiences, emotions and feelings, where the signature lines and melodies are present. This is a strong solid statement, bringing a new beginning and where old meets new, guiding the listener through our journey, our struggles, our battles and the desire to keep the flame alive, and transferring the desire of facing our demons, the deepest of longing, and the haunting isolation one can feel as if you were cast adrift in the middle of a true storm and entering the unknown.

The essence of this work is capturing our own inner storm, our tough struggles and our emotional battles as we keep on fighting and writing new chapters in our story, closing the circle on previous phases as well. A gathering of epic passages and solemn tones sounding like the strikes from the hammer of doom. 

The beauty found in the darkness and sorrow conveyed through soaring melodies, haunting atmospheres and dark poetry to move the soul through all emotional states from the great darkest anguish to the great hope.

This first single “THE CALLING”, deals with the weight of the past; even when there’re sparks inside us that drive us forward, feels heavy on our shoulders. It’s this burden that fuels our present to turn it into poetry for the brave. An ‘inner-awakening’ is needed for a proper horizon, but always shadowed by our own blood, contaminated by difficult times and forgotten shores. This anthem let us know the story of those turning sacrifice into strength, into a change of perspective to move on, calling to those who yearn for a change. A perfect single for all new storms to come.