Statement 2.0

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Statement 2.0

I think Thomas, Brian and my self need to clear up matters regarding the departure of Rune.

Rune has fallen very sick in the last two weeks and when we rehearsed with him on Tuesday (29th of October) he told us that he would pull out of Saturnus since he couldn’t fulfil his obligations as composer/songwriter and take care of his family at the same time.
The day after (Wednesday) I received a text where he cancelled all upcoming shows.

This is why Saturnus had to cancel all shows.

Thomas, Brian and my self were very sad to read this since we were hoping he could do the last 3 planned shows. This was sadly not the case and for this we apologise sincerely to our fans all over the world who was looking forward to the shows.

We hope Rune will get better in the coming months.

– Thomas, Brian and Henrik