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It’s with a heavy heart that we have to cancel our upcoming shows. Two shows this coming weekend in Copenhagen, Istanbul next weekend, and last but not least our show at the Hunting Castle Festival in February.

In Saturnus we are not known for our fast tempo of making records. We have a very defined role within the band in terms of who does what. It is no secret that Rune is the man when it comes to writing the songs and making the compositions for Saturnus. But now the gap is coming to 8 years between our latest album and the upcoming album and we are still far from finishing it.

Therefore the decision has been taken, and Rune will no longer be part of Saturnus. Rune doesn’t have the time to fulfill his agreement to the band that he was original hired for back in 2008.

Furthermore Martin told us a couple of months ago that he would be leaving Saturnus at the end of the year, and this we were also prepared for.

We wish Martin all the best in the future, and we thank him for his help and his very professional attitude on and off stage.

So once again we have to find new members.

More to come….

Saturnus – Brian, Thomas and Henrik